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At ALL THINGS HAIR, we want to make your life easier. We’ve teamed up with some of the best Vloggers to create inspiring videos and best hair tips just for you. Supported by trusted and prestigious hair brands, here you can find the best hair styles and products to back you up and stay on top of what’s trending.

Mann Made Media was tasked with creating YouTube content on behalf of Niche Digital and Unilever. Check out this episode featuring Lesedi on how to create voluminous curls.

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Magical Vegas 3D Animated TVC

‘Magical Vegas’ as a title for this animated CGI and live action TV commercial is pretty self-explanatory. It’s Vegas, magically appearing right in your home. We used 3D animation, video footage, and visual effects to make this TVC come to life.

Our film crew captured our actor on set, and from there we took the resulting footage, tracked it, and created 3d assets to place into the scene. After some blood, sweat and tears – just kidding, it was a breeze – we had 3D animations to composite into our footage, and voila! We had some robots building a little casino right in a man’s home – all done with the magic of filming, 3d animated computer graphics, compositing, and our trademark Mann Made Media panache.

Kitty TVC

Animals are the cutest things ever, and for Kitty Bingo we had an adorable cat and dog play roles in a 3d animation and visual effects advert. Filming an animal isn’t an easy task, and having a cat and a dog on the same set takes things to another level. The best way to handle this was to film them individually on green screen and use the power of visual effects to composite them into the same shots and animate a CGI paw interacting with the dog. The background was also keyed, and all the elements were composited together to create the commercial.

Cell C Sharks

Mann Made Media joined the side of the Cell C Sharks to publicise the mobile service provider becoming the rugby team’s title sponsor in a three-year deal from the beginning of 2014. The two 30-second TVCs centre on illustrating the synergy between the two brands by believing in the power of black and white as it incorporates the colours of both brands by using the tagline “Believe in the power of black and white”.

Lippys – Everything office

Lippys has evolved over the last 9 years and being called Lippys Stationers did no longer ring true to the services and value Lippys offer.

Lippys now offers you everything you need for your office – from stationery, furniture, groceries, printing, and gifts & clothing.

Therefore MMM needed to come up with a new brand design and proposition that truly reflected the value added services on offer.

We came up with a brand proposition that would instantly describe what Lippys stands for, and we launched –

Lippys – everything office.

This tongue in cheek TVC is all about giving your employees the time back they used to spend phoning multiple suppliers