Mann Made Media is a brand experience agency, strategically oriented, technically inspired, logistically defined and creatively driven to produce world-class brand experiences that inform and inspire our client audiences.


We love to make beautiful content. Too often ‘content’ is seen as ‘the client’s problem’. We see it as another opportunity to fully engage an audience by making it concise, compelling and visually delicious.

The business began as a wedding filming venture between brothers Shayne and Kevin 15 years ago and younger brother Mic joined in 2000 after completing a film degree. It has grown to encompass several departments offering services across the spectrum, ranging from events and activations to video and interactive.

The brief is the spark. We look at every brief as if it’s the first brief we’ve ever seen, and we turn it over like those two guys with the computer in Zoolander till we find something special and surprising to build on.

Our events portfolio extends to conferences, launches, road shows, awards and industrial theatre; corporate videos, 3D animation and commercials fall under the video department and we offer staff and consumer activations, as well as real-time metrics with our in-house apps.

Our interactive design department also offers an extensive array of installations, apps, games, websites and social media campaigns.



We don’t fool around but we do play. Our culture is the kind of happy accident that happens when cool people with special skills team up to help each other do great work. Nice.

We bring a fresh approach to experiential marketing, using a combination of the family values at our core, a bottomless well of creativity and energy to every job we do and a commitment to skills development through in-house training by employing a number of people who had no formal education but an intense desire to make more of themselves. We are a Level Two Contributor to BBBEE.

We love our clients because they keep us on our toes. The good ones challenge us and the great ones make us better at what we do.

We’re all about the seamless alignment of considered strategy, compelling creative and innovative technology applied in a manner that dramatically enhances the brand experience of all our projects.