Nedbank ‘Ke Yona’ Activation

Through the Nedbank “Ke Yona” activation, Mann Made Media needed to reach 500 000 consumers over 9 weeks at 50 shopping malls across South Africa to drive the opening of Nedbank Ke Yona accounts through incentives, promoters and on-site Nedbank teams. All activations hit their targets, with a huge increase in sales

Case Studies

Flora “It Takes A Village”

Mann Made Media worked on the Flora “It Takes A Village” campaign with advertising agency Ogilvy Durban to deliver a 21-day activation aimed at lowering the cholesterol of the residents of Villiersdorp in the Western Cape. We designed and supplied all the event & activation creative, banners, presentations, signage and documentation required for the project, which was a holistic programme to demonstrate that lowering cholesterol can be fun. It included an exercise regime with heart strengthening and cardio classes, cooking demonstrations and nutritional counselling. The South African version of the worldwide campaign was the most successful by far out of 15 countries, with 96% of the 150 participants lowering their cholesterol and we were asked to develop a toolkit for future countries to use as best practice when doing the activation.