3D Animation and Visual Effects

3D Animation is a great way to get your idea across – whether you require 3D elements and visual effects composited into real-life footage, or a completely 3D animated video; we do it all.

We create all the necessary 3D assets, as well as doing your character and environment designs. We’ll storyboard the video for you so that you have a clear idea of what it will look like, and once you’re happy, we get to animating. 3D is a solid and accurate way to portray situations that you just couldn’t in real life – or if you simply want something a little more interesting than the bare minimum of video footage. If you require compositing and visual effects, we have a studio where we shoot high- quality  video on a green-screen. From there, we key and composite all the good stuff – those fancy visual effects you see in the movies and on TV.

We do games, commercials, 3D visualisations and flythroughs, logo animations, corporate videos, VR for events, and anything else your mind can conceive of.

The possibilities are endless in the animation world.


Magical Vegas 3D Animated TVC

‘Magical Vegas’ as a title for this animated CGI and live action TV commercial is pretty self-explanatory. It’s Vegas, magically appearing right in your home. We used 3D animation, video footage, and visual effects to make this TVC come to life.

Our film crew captured our actor on set, and from there we took the resulting footage, tracked it, and created 3d assets to place into the scene. After some blood, sweat and tears – just kidding, it was a breeze – we had 3D animations to composite into our footage, and voila! We had some robots building a little casino right in a man’s home – all done with the magic of filming, 3d animated computer graphics, compositing, and our trademark Mann Made Media panache.

Kitty Bingo.com TVC

Animals are the cutest things ever, and for Kitty Bingo we had an adorable cat and dog play roles in a 3d animation and visual effects advert. Filming an animal isn’t an easy task, and having a cat and a dog on the same set takes things to another level. The best way to handle this was to film them individually on green screen and use the power of visual effects to composite them into the same shots and animate a CGI paw interacting with the dog. The background was also keyed, and all the elements were composited together to create the commercial.

Valentines Chivalry – Tragic Ending

Two lovers are having a romantic walk in the park, when they approach a puddle, the gentleman decides to use his jacket so that his lady won’t have to get her shoes wet.