Motion Graphics

Mann Made Media’s skillful design and animation teams work together to create captivating motion graphics videos to help our clients’ brands stand out.

Motion graphics are a great way to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Give your designs that extra vivacity with animated elements that will encompass your brand’s identity. We use great design and whimsical animation to communicate the necessary information according to our clients’ briefs.

Stand out. Inform. Entertain.

Halls Ripe Range – Avocado

Avocado is a super fruit, and Halls is a super brand. To deliver this motion graphics video in less than a week is something super too. Halls tasked us with creating a promotional video that illustrates what they offer, specifically their Avocado range which they can produce and supply using industry leading methods . With the popularity of avocados skyrocketing, timing was crucial. Our scriptwriters typed away, our design team established the treatment for the animation and keyframe after keyframe our animators put together a slick infographic ready for Youtube and social media.


Sasfin Transactional Banking Infographic

Animated infographics pack quite a punch when a company has a lot of information they want people to pay attention to, and understand. Entertaining and educating don’t always coincide, but with our motion graphics videos, they sure do. This infographic focused on transactional services, and how they benefit the company’s clients. We used quirky design and animation in a way that catches people’s interest and holds onto it til the end of the video. Every business could benefit from a well-executed animated infographic, either for internal videos directed at employees, or for external marketing purposes.

MTV Be True

Our brief was to produce a promo for MTV Base show, Be True, which we did by incorporating animation.

Avusa ‘The power of advertising’

Avusa Media needed a way to communicate the power of advertising in their publications. In this video, we use the simple technique of stop-frame animation to bring the pages of the newspaper to life.

Standard Bank 7 Billion

The Mann Made team created a sophisticated piece of animated storytelling to convey difficult economic concepts for a Standard Bank Directors Indaba. Particle physics were used as the basis of explaining these concepts in an imaginative and creative way.