No longer can conferences just be a group of people sitting in a room looking at a presentation. It needs to be a fun way to engage with your audience and that informs and inspires them. Mann Made Media specialises in helping companies organise fresh and innovative conferences, and can help you organise a conference no one will forget . Some of the conferences we have organised include the RMB Annual, Absa Values Campaign, Standard Bank PBB Indaba 2012 and the Telkom Business Mobile launch.


Standard Bank PBB Indaba

The Standard Bank PBB Indaba is an annual event, and in 2012, Mann Made Media took the reins to celebrate the bank’s 150-year anniversary by dramatising the corporate culture and pride and celebrating the bank’s humanity. Live stage action and on-screen storytelling integrated to bring the conference to life and it resulted in a colourful and rewarding experience. “Of all the groups, in all the world, this is the best conference I’ve ever had the privilege of attending,” said Peter Wharton-Hood, who was the Group Deputy Chief Executive at the time.

RMB Annual Conference

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The RMB Annual Conference needed a reboot to combat conference fatigue, poor and inadequate experiential design and no creative through-line. Mann Made Media stepped in to radically reduce the time in conference by introducing a 3×3 day structure and creating an experiential design based on an Emotional Response Graph. The approach worked and the audience loved the new format.

Absa Capital Values Campaign

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For the Absa Values Campaign conference, Mann Made needed to address a fractured corporate culture and lack of a history of engaging staff members. Mann Made Media tackled the project by creating comic characters that satirised anti-culture behaviour, demonstrating active commitment from senior executives and showing the hardcore bottom-line financial case for a unified culture. It worked. Then-Chief Executive of Absa Capital and Absa Wealth, Stephen van Coller, said, “A world-class event with flawless execution.”