Hitting the right note with an expo can be a tricky task, but Mann Made Media has the right combination of creativity and logistic know-how to execute a successful expo.


Unisa National Science Week

For National Science Week, Mann Made Media’s brief was to advance Unisa’s goal of being the go-to university for science education and research, with its custom-built laboratories and cutting-edge equipment. Mann Made had to conceptualise and bring to life a seven-day event experience featuring a jam-packed schedule of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, laboratory demonstrations and walk-abouts. The official launch was hosted at the Florida science campus on 30 July to kick start the week and featured a theatrical piece, a four-part praise poem to celebrate the foundations of the building, the new facilities and National Science Week. It also served as the launchpad for the unveiling of all the building’s new names. Mann Made Media designed an innovative microsite to facilitate the naming process and ensure it ran smoothly. We also encouraged a voting system for students to propose names they would like through the use of their student numbers.