Industrial Theatre

We specialise in making theatre with a strong corporate message, bringing to life the company’s story in a visceral and powerful way that each employee can identify with.

Kumba Share Ownership

Mann Made Media needed to create a series of scenarios depicting the dilemma of the workforce shareholders at Kumba Mines through the company’s BBEEE share participation scheme called Envision Trust. An industrial theatre piece based on this story was the ideal tool to empower the audience with information on how to handle such a sum of money. The role of Mr. Mali was created, an Envision-appointed Financial Advisor who would play the part of a narrator and take the audience on a journey of profitable financial planning as well as the dangers of silly spending. The issues tackled were the importance of budget, saving, prioritising wants and needs, paying off debt and planning for emergencies. This was done with contrasting before-and-after scenes of different situations. At the end of the show Mr. Mali summarised all the correct ways to deal with a lump sum of money using a Yes/No quiz with his fellow actors, winning the audience over with the slogan: “Make your money grow – not go!’

Responsible Trader Programme

2011 & 2012 SAB briefed Mann Made Media to come up with a mass education campaign that would inform and inspire their taverner community around the issues of alcohol abuse. The result was a compelling and engaging roadshow that highlighted the dangers of alcohol abuse and educated traders on how to deal with tough customers. The show ended with a quiz around the 5 issues.

We trained over 14500 people and over 80% of the people scored over 82% in the quiz.

Telkom Mobile Business Launch Event

A high tech, high-impact launch event we created for Telkom Business – featuring interactive gesture-controlled screens, live music and industrial theatre to bring the brand to life.

Standard Bank PBB Indaba

A corporate theatre production created for the Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking “Indaba”, at the occasion of their 150 year anniversary.