Mann Made Media will not only help you launch a new product onto the market in a visual feast, but will also ensure that it is the name on everyone’s lips. This applies to launches of every size across all industries.


Telkom Mobile Business Launch

The Telkom Mobile Business launch had to re-imagine the telecommunications provider’s offering, as their reputation was slightly tarnished and the audience was disillusioned. In order to bring complex messaging and the brand to life, Mann Made Media created an interactive technology installation at the reception, as well as an animated video that the actor MC appeared out of onto the stage. A series of dramatisations of the brand’s offerings also contributed to making it an electrifying and unforgettable launch.

BMW Springbok Sponsorship Launch

Mann Made Media produced the PR launch for BMW’s Springbok Sponsorship Launch. Too often a launch is seen as a regular day to day event. Mann Made wanted to create something unique and special. The theme of from Tarmac to Turf was developed and was the thread through which all the touch points were designed. We built an audiovisual installation that recreated the visceral experience of walking down a tunnel alive with the sounds of anticipation, and then running into a packed stadium that explodes with a panorama of passionate supporters.

Lefatse Launch

With the recent formation of Lefatse Vehicle Solutions – the result of a partnership between Boitumelong Holdings and Ros Roca Group – a leading manufacturer of waste equipment in Europe, Mann Made Media was tasked with developing a creative identity for the new brand.
It is the only fully black-owned waste company in the country, and has a unique offering which Mann Made was tasked to bring to life with a comprehensive publicity campaign.
In addition to creating marketing material for the brand and securing placements for articles in industry magazines, the agency assisted Lefatse in setting up its stand at the annual WasteCon event, which was held in East London. Mann Made also coordinated the official launch of the Dennis Eagle Elite 2 truck in Kyalami, at which several international partners within the company, as well as other key industry stakeholders were present. The vehicle was parked at the venue, and guests were invited to experience the unique technical and safety features first hand.