Road Shows

Road shows need to engage, and align large groups of people and generate intrigue and interest among your audience, whether this is staff or employees. Mann Made Media has many years of experience in conceptualising and executing flawless road shows both large and small with over 100 000 people attending our road show events in the last 7 years.

Barclays Pan African Roadshow 2014

Silver Loeries Winner 2014: The Undisputed Heavyweight Banking Champion Of Africa
The Barclays Africa/Absa road show was a mammoth show that needed to be conceptualised and rolled out to 40 000 people in 12 countries across Africa, as well as scaled to the size of each region. It served as a launchpad for Barclays Africa/Absa’s new strategy and reinforce the goal of becoming number one on the continent, driven by the theme of the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of Africa as told through the story of Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman in the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle. Intertwining the story of Muhammad Ali with the bank with the help of live actors, video support on a 23-metre screen, professional business presentations and boxing-themed entertainment through choreography and musical performances on the title-fight boxing ring stage made the show one never seen before.

The SAB Responsible Trader Programme

The SAB Responsible Trader Programme was a response to government pressure to regulate the industry, to turn around bad publicity resulting from irresponsible trading practices and move away from previous campaigns that proved ineffective. Mann Made Media created a character and world that taverners across South Africa could relate to, through the use of high-quality industrial theatre and edutainment such as interactive quizzes and prizes.We entertained and educated over 22 000 taverners who all took a quiz at the end of the show and collectively scored over 80% in the quiz. It was highly successful and adopted by SAB Miller global as best practice when doing a roadshow.

Standard Bank Moving Forward

The Standard Bank Moving Forward road show was a one-of-a-kind concept that was conceived and brought to life in just two months to engage with thousands of staff members across the world. Using the theme making the right connections, every element of the show was designed to facilitate connections between people and ideas; an interactive app that encouraged attendees to connect with each, a set designed to illustrate Standard Bank connecting the world to Africa and vice versa helped to weave the thread through the story. Mann Made also collaborated with Magna Carta and TBWA/Hunt Lascaris to produce and package a digital toolkit for every Standard Bank branch worldwide. The show was extremely successful.