Our in-house interactive team are past masters of creating custom-made installations for various events and activations. These installations are creative and fun ways to engage with the audience and get the message of the event across. The installations can take a variety of forms, including web-based installations, gallery-based installations, digital-based installations, electronic-based installations and mobile-based installations.

McCarthy Interactive Centre (MIC)

Mann Made Media proposed an interactive installation combining the best of digital convenience with the personal touch and service of a real dealership – an installation more personalised, immersive, engaging and high-tech than using a web page and which also allowed viewing of multiple cars that could be compared on the same page. This system needed to offer the ability to keep information up-to-date in real-time, as well as automatically collect analytics for insights on how to better service customer needs. It also needed to incorporate Finance and Insurance products – which are usually seen as complicated and boring – and make them fun and easy to understand.

SAB KickStart Wonderwall

The SAB KickStart Wonderwall needed to tell the stories of young entrepreneurs part of SAB’s poverty alleviation programme by moving away from the boring and usual exhibition booths and using technology and fun, innovative media. The result was the Wonderwall, an interactive installation that told the nominee’s stories through video and graphics, in 4XHD resolution. Visitors triggered playback by walking up to any part of the 9-metre long wall. Sixteen animated SAB-branded bottle caps responded to proximity, spinning up to reveal videos of each of the 16 finalists, allowing visitors to engage with their stories. The installation was a unique and engaging way for exhibition visitors to vote for the finalist of their choice before the KickStart awards ceremony began.

BMW Tunnel Installation

The BMW Tunnel Installation was conceptualised and developed to recreate the visceral experience of walking down a tunnel, just like a sportsman before a big match, and then emerging into a packed stadium with screaming fans for BMW’s press conference announcing their sponsorship of the Springboks. Our interactive installation connected five computers running eight pieces of custom-coded software handling motion detection, live animation and synchronised video playback. We also packed into the circuit boards with eight disposable cameras and connected them to a custom-programmed microprocessor. This triggered a precisely-timed sequence of flashes to augment the animation on screen. Sixty thousand fans were created from just 10 people in studio using CGI technology. Eight strategically placed speakers played precisely-timed loops to emulate crowds cheering. It scored rave reviews with client, rugby players and guests as it paralleled the thrill of driving a BMW with the power of Springbok rugby.