Corporate Videos

Good corporate videos need to position your company as the only choice for a specific product or service so it is necessary to sculpt your message to address this clearly defined audience that you are targeting. Mann Made Media can help you with this by crafting professional corporate videos.

Beyond Payments

Beyond Payments: Mann Made Media needed to create an audiovisual of life in a cashless world defined by connectivity with fully digitised transactions based on touch surfaces and a central device. We had to create a multi-platform operating system to suit a number of surfaces, and which was intuitive, agile and user-friendly, which we did through extensive design and testing for each swipe, transition and interaction. This narrative followed an ordinary man as he interfaced with various surfaces in his home and office, and got this message across in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

FNB Wealth

For FNB Wealth, the video needed to clear up confusion about why FNB Wealth was an asset and the lack of sense that working for the company enhanced your CV by illustrating the loyalty and life-long relationships built by FNB Wealth. The team told the FNB Wealth story in their own words, with a split-screen format showing the synergy of people and contexts and illustrations and hand-lettered typography adding even more of a human touch. The client, Tracey Egnos, said: “A great idea flawlessly executed.”

Momentum Culture

Momentum is no ordinary company, so this was no ordinary corporate video. We used documentary storytelling techniques to bring across the people and the culture that makes this company unique.

Unisa Corporate Video

Unisa corporate video: A mammoth production spanning several months and all the major regions of South Africa. The personality, mission and vision of Unisa were encapsulated in this video about the open distance learning system pioneered by the University.