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Mann Made Media is skilled in the art form that is viral marketing and can make your video a sensation by using social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook to boost your popularity.

All Things Hair

At ALL THINGS HAIR, we want to make your life easier. We’ve teamed up with some of the best Vloggers to create inspiring videos and best hair tips just for you. Supported by trusted and prestigious hair brands, here you can find the best hair styles and products to back you up and stay on top of what’s trending.

Mann Made Media was tasked with creating YouTube content on behalf of Niche Digital and Unilever. Check out this episode featuring Lesedi on how to create voluminous curls.

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Lippys – Everything office

Lippys has evolved over the last 9 years and being called Lippys Stationers did no longer ring true to the services and value Lippys offer.

Lippys now offers you everything you need for your office – from stationery, furniture, groceries, printing, and gifts & clothing.

Therefore MMM needed to come up with a new brand design and proposition that truly reflected the value added services on offer.

We came up with a brand proposition that would instantly describe what Lippys stands for, and we launched –

Lippys – everything office.

This tongue in cheek TVC is all about giving your employees the time back they used to spend phoning multiple suppliers

Rentsec – the art of crime prevention

In the face of rising criminal activity in south africa, one security company fights back with cutting edge technology, unparalleled offsite monitoring and total control. Rentsec

Lippys ‘Don’t Judge the Pugs’

Lippys is no ordinary stationery company. When the CEO came to us with a desire to try something different, we proposed a viral video campaign on Youtube, showing off the company’s capabilities and values while at the same time highlighting that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The campaign was highly successful, helping Lippys to achieve rapid growth in the marketplace. As a result of the video, Lippys was featured in multiple magazines.